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Behind The Scenes: A Look Into A Ronaldo Fraga Fashion Show

Documenting the flurry of pre-show hair, makeup, and wardrobe and everything that went down behind the curtains --- all in photographs.

Ronaldo Fraga

was born in Belo Horizonte.


Fraga graduated in fashion from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He then headed for post-graduate studies at Parsons School in New York and then to Central Saint Martin's in London, where he studied Millinery.

Fraga is now considered one of the most important names in the history of fashion in Brazil. He stays true to himself instead of being a slave to trends. He appreciates comfort and subtle sensuality instead of more obvious and clichéd eroticism. And above all, he has a unique way of telling moving and unusual stories through each collection.


In his collection, peace is represented by flowers and bright colors, while war is on dark blue, navy and brown. "I haven't focused on the political side of Portinari. It was sad to understand that we have more items for war than we do for peace," says Ronaldo. The designer refers to points such as social, racial, and environmental differences, genocide of minorities, and of the LGBT population.

The collection that was presented in Miami is the same as the one presented this month at the 47th edition of São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), the biggest fashion event of Latin America. "Art strengthens people, it gives us something intangible, which many call self-esteem, but that, before anything else, is called courage. Courage to change the course of history," adds Ronaldo.


KRUZIN Headquarters 2127 NW 1st Ave Miami FL, 33127


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